Grade 6


A Day in my Home

When I get off the bus I walk down my driveway. When I get to the house I see my parents. They welcomed me in from a long day of school and give me a big hug. When I walk into my house I get the warmth of the fire place. I run to put my stuff away and smell a nice sweet smell of supper in the oven. I sit at the dinning room table and play a card game with my sisters. A couple of games later supper is made and it is the most delicious thing, I’ve ever had. After I eat, I help clean the table, I do the dishes, and I help my dad make dessert. The dessert is delicious. After supper my family spends time together watching tv and playing board games. A few hours later, I get ready for bed, and give my mom and dad a big hug. I walk into my room, I turn the light off, and climb into my nice cozy bed and drift off to sleep. I wake up the next day for school and make lunches for my sisters and me. I get dressed and enjoy a warm breakfast before school. Before I walk out the door of my home, I give my mom and dad a big hug, and I thank them for the life they have given me. I think the meaning of home means being loved, safe, enjoying the little things that make my home special.