Grade 6

Saint Laurent

A cozy place called home

A home is a privilege to anybody who has a home. Some children in the world don’t have one. What is the meaning of home? Home to me is something that keeps me protected, warm and helps me on the coldest days when needed. I always have someone with me at home which gives me comfort, to never be scared. I’ll always have someone with me through my ups and downs at home. I either have my sister, my little brother or my whole family keeping me comfort. I know no one will come home because I have a lock and my family is super strong and I know they’ll defeat the bad guys.
I have a roof, for a reason. Whenever it snows, rains or hails, my roof is there to save me. When someone comes home everybody is screaming or jumping around the place. When I go to my grandmother’s home I see a huge difference from her home to my home. Her floors squeak when we walk on the floor. Her bathroom door is broken. Compared to today, my grandmother’s place is nothing like today but to her, it is her home. I think this is the definition of home. A home is a place for happiness, not sadness. A home is a place for a special moment. It’s where all the memories come. It’s where I celebrate Christmas and birthday parties. I hope this can change the lives of other children with no homes.

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.” – Shutterfly