Grade 6


A Charmed Dwelling

A charmed dwelling, a place where I call my home. The fireplace kept up with the warmth, spreading across every room, cold, but still warm inside. A place where I feel shielded, a healthy place. The smell of my mom’s appetizing food, how delightful I am to be living this life. A place where I am filled with admiration, passion and cheerfulness. A place where I feel free, no matter what room I’m in. The roof of my home feels far away from harm and secure, it’s the most superb shelter someone could ever receive. I love how the organized, tidied furniture is set onto the most perfect places, how they flawlessly match one another. Home is the place where the often good days happen. Where I first learned how to walk and talk. The place where I spend time with my family without having to fear avoiding my problems. In my home, I’ve always experienced my very first things, and those first things were the most delightful things. No matter how small my home is, I still find every way to enjoy it at my very joyful and cheerful times. My home is like a lovely, heavenly heart. Everyone should have a home like mine.