Grade 4


A Caring Place

When I think of home I think of a safe and warm place to live in. I think of home as peace. I love home because there I can forget about all the bad things that happen that day. Everyday I’m excited to go home because I know a big hug waits for me. The place that I call home is where I can get new clothes on when I get wet. When visitors come I feel proud of everyone in side it. Peace runs through the air of my home. Family is always there for me. It’s safe place to talk courageously about tough issues. I can curl up and read a book where I get transported to a different world. I can fill up my mind with encouraging words. When Winter is there it never runs cold. It smells like flowers in the summer and in the winter it smells like hot chocolate. There is always meaningful conversations at the dinner table. Home is a place where kindness is spoken. I can run free and get to be who I am truly. You can feel confident in who you are. In my house you can trust everyone inside it. The place where energy runs. It is outrageous with fun. I love when I curl up with my mom for a cuddle. The place I call home involves laughter from each others with crazy jokes where we all laugh the loudest. My home is where only the best food is made by my mom. I hope everyone in the world could have a home and a family like mine.