Grade 4


A Calming Home

Home is full of warm hearts and love that spreads out. When the storm goes on,you are loved and safe. My home is as bright as a shooting star. Everybody needs to have a warm loveable home, so that you enjoy the comfort that your home gives to you. Connecting with friends and family because we gather together and make connections. The warm fragrance of flowers and the smell inside my home makes me happy. I love people connecting with harmony because we are a family. Kindness is in the air and helps people feel the same and have goodwill. A flood of people need homes, so let’s help them.Like a wonderful home the smell of sweet wood and sweet bark . My house that fills with wind that makes me say The love and grace of the air in my house . Home is a place we can share. love is in our home. We can learn to love and care for others and give homes to others to have a warm home. I wish everybody in the world had a home and a family. The reason why is because everybody would be happy and will never remember the sad story that started. The flowing music and love of our homes . I feel the same way like all people feel because we’re all human beings,and we care about each other and love each other like a community. My home is love in a way it is also a wonderful home.I wish you the same way to have a home like me.