Grade 5


A Beautiful Home

A Beautiful Home

A home is where you’re loved.
Where everything is calm and safe.
Where people you’re feelings.
Where sadness fades into a beautiful happy rainbow.
Where secrets are safe.
Where caring arms reach my very cold face.
Where you learn to thrive with every step.
Home is no battlefield to be scared with fright.
Home is where life starts and ends with beautiful waves through it.

No one should live alone.
No one should never have a home.
No one should cry or starve.
No one is perfect, we all make mistakes.
But no one should be in a very helpless state.

No one woman, man, girl or boy,
Should suffer winters raspy cold voice.

That’s why before,
Throwing away food, wasting water and more.
Think about all those who are needing more.
So remember,
There’s no place better than Home!