Grade 4


10,000 Reasons

Home is a place full of love,
Just like two turtle doves.

But, when I think of the poor,
I think of a sad locked up door.

Home is warm, cozy and complete sleep,
But the poor feels sad and feels like they got sweeped.

Home is a memory saver,
Maybe the government could waver?

Home is a big storage keeper, it’s full of my favourite things.
But, I wish the poor was relaxed and were watched by people with holy wings.

Home has a kitchen perfect for cooking,
But the poor is desperate for food and keeps looking.

I just gotta say something……

The rich better realized that the poor don’t feel safe, they don’t have windows to look at the lights. Lord bless the poor for what they’re going through. Please, oh please rich don’t make fun and call them names.