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Meaning of Home

When I was little, I had a home with a back yard. I would play there with my friends and my sister. I had two dogs. The first one was named Zoozoolya and the other dog was named Elsa. They are so cool. The sound in my house was laughing when I was playing with my sister, the news when my grandparents watched it. Food in my home was barbecue, soup (borsht), dumplings, and apples. I didn’t buy apples because I had a garden where I had trees with apples, cherries, bananas, grapes, and more. I have a lot of cousins. We would play something on our phones, or we play hide and seek, and we laugh so much. The smells were good. I had a garden and there were so many flowers and plants and they were smelling so good. Now let’s talk about my sister, she is cool and not cool at the same time. She makes me angry when she take my clothes when she didn’t even ask or makes me happy by bringing me water when I’m too lazy to get it. She is more cool when she is happy. We like to tickle each other, then she gets too tired to play and she goes to watch her iPad but then I come and we play something again. In my house I had two dogs, one fish, and a cat. The dogs were boys and they ate meat and all the other food, but their favorite food was meat. They just like it so much. I had a cat his name was Pirate because he was all white but, on his eye, he had black fur so we called him like that.


Grade 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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