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My Meaning of Home

When I think of home, I think of family in my family I have Mom, Dad, me, my brother, and Grandma. My brother is so silly (sometimes he is normal). He is 14 years old. My mom sometimes sings old songs My Dad buys so much candy for me. I remember when my grandma flew to Canada, she gave $25 to me and chips with crab. It’s my favourite. My mom cooks delicious food. I like cooking with my mom. I cook dumplings and pizza. I love dumplings and pizza. My favourite food is sushi, pizza, dumplings, and all other food. I like eating food in my room. I eat and watch YouTube. I like my room because my room is comfortable. I have a bunk bed in my room, and I have a big shark pillow. I have a lot of stuffies in my room. I love it.


Grade 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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