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The Meaning of Home

Home isn’t just a normal place, but it’s something you can’t replace. home is a place safe for you and me. And it’s a place that supports you and me. Home is a place that means family. Home is where I play with my siblings. Home is what makes us happy, and home is our happy place. Home is where when you cover yourself when scared, it’s the place where you play with your family, home is the place that you give your parents a hug after coming from school. Home is the place you spent your time with your family. Home is the place where you feel happy, excited, enjoyment. Home is the place that you go to it when it starts raining. Home is a place that you can’t hate. Home is something you can make memories in. Home is where you can have peace. Home is where you play hide and seek with your brothers. Home is what makes you and it’s the only place that you go to when you want to sleep. Home is filled with respect and love. Home is something that means family to you and me. Home is where you spend your time playing video games. Home is a place you and your friends come over to play video games. Home is place that helps you stay alive. You can forget this place because there’s a lot of things you have done in it and the things you done in it like all of the memory.


Grade 6

Windsor, Ontario

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