My Home

Therefore, I love my family and my house. I have a town house, in my house I have 3 bedrooms ,3 bathrooms and I have 3 floors. It also has a large living room with a big kitchen and dining area. I have one playroom with all my toys. I have one garage; there we park my brother and I’s bike, and my dad parks his car in the garage too. I have a backyard, there we play in the summertime, and we do some gardening, and in wintertime me and my family make a snowman because we have lots of snow collected in the winter. We have one large fireplace. I have a big joint family. My family is kind, respectful, safe and joyful. To entertain myself I like to play board games with my family I also, play on my Xbox, watch T.V with my family and we have movie night. I enjoy playing games with my older brother. I can usually hear planes fly near my house from the patio and my dining table. I can see the airplanes while I’m eating in the morning. Everyone in my family speaks Hindi and English except for my grandma. I feel safe, loved, free and protected like no one can hurt me. I can see the iced mountain from the patio. I can see my family, furniture and especially my house. I can taste, spicy delicious homemade Indian food. I can taste chicken, burgers, pasta, pizza and Chinese food. I can touch the smooth walls and my nice soft bed. I can smell fresh air when I’m going for a walk. I can smell food when my parents cook something really yummy, because my dad’s a chef. We have some rules in our house like we are only allowed to eat in the dining room or dining table. We are not allowed to eat food in our bedroom or living room. I have some requirements in my house like go to sleep on time, because if I have a good sleep then I’m not tired or lazy and if I do go to bed on time, I will have lots of energy in my body. And that’s why I love my FAMILY and HOUSE.


Grade 5

Penticton, British Columbia

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