The Meaning of Home To Me

The meaning of home to me is a place where love is everywhere, where I am safe and sound, where I am loved by my family and friends, and where everybody is peaceful. A home gives people a place to care about the people that mean the most to them. It is a place to tell fascinating tales or good memorable memories with one another. Home is more a feeling than a house. Home is a feeling of happiness they share with the ones they love. Sometimes there are negative feelings in our house. It makes our family feel bad but when I look at my quiet and bright side I feel cheerful and happy. Negative emotions make our home fall apart, but sometimes we bring good memories and save our home just like it saves us. I sometimes feel bad when we move to different places, because we have to leave our home behind, and that house contains many memories of me. And when we start a new home memory I feel unfortunate. But a new start is good for us. This is why I say to Habitat for Humanity “Everybody in the world should have a Perfect home to live in, a place where everybody can feel safe, happy, and peaceful.” Thank You Habitat for Humanity!


Grade 5

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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