The Meaning of Home to Me …

Home can mean many different things to different people, there is no right or wrong answer. To me, home means my family and the many things that made me who I am today, and who I will grow into. What family is to me What is my family to me? It's something I feel good and happy to be with, someone that emotionally connects with you. But to be able to forgive them when they get on your nerves and still feel the way you did before is truly what a home is for bringing people together. Do I always feel the same about my family? Well, no but you can get blindsided by being angered or frustrated and not realize that you could be hurting someone . I really feel that there are people around me that know that I can do anything and believe in me.Home is a place we all feel safe and loved in. We all say things to make trust and bond in so many different ways . What I feel in my home I have the freedom to feel the things I feel. I have the freedom to like the things I like in my home and feel the emotions I feel even if I make a mistake. I know I have my home, my safe place to feel things. Like loyalty ,sadness , love ,frustration. All things I've felt, some I regret and would take back but that helps you learn and makes you think. Is this the example I want to set for the people I share my life with? I still make the mistake of losing my temper and I'm glad I reflect on what it does for the world around me. My home is the place where I have the freedom to make mistakes and fix them. What I do in my home What do I do in my home ? I do many things, some not as fun as others. I am me and I can't do anything to change who I am. Most of the activities I do involve my home or property and that makes it more fun. The fact that you can have an adventure on your property is awesome . What I like to do on my property is explore. I live in a 130 year old house and I have found so many different trinkets and pieces of old pottery around my home. It's what has shaped some of my favorite qualities about myself and have become my hobbies. Conclusion I love any moment I get with my home. I have moved from Calgary, Alberta and it was hard to leave something I knew for my whole life. It was then at that moment I realized the meaning of home to me: Love , freedom to feel, mistakes , family and so much more. To a whole different person this might sound bizarre but to me this is the home I live in. By Autumn Julie Annabell Long Of Prince Edward Island


Grade 5

Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island

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