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What Home Feels Like

What home feels like Home is not a house, home feels like A warm, cozy bed with hot chocolate On a freezing snowy night. Home feels like a feeling you would Feel. safe in comfortable places Home feels like Laughter and playing all day enjoying Our beloved moments together. Home feels like Parents and siblings full of love with a A sprinkle of funny jokes to laugh with. Home feels like Mom and dad saying “i love you” All day long, until I'm in bed. Home feels like A long day of school and coming home to A dog waiting patiently for me to walk through the door. Home feels like Watering plants outside On a warm sunny day. Home feels like Unforgettable Cheerful smiles when I bake Banana bread with my mom. Home feels like Not even an hour in my day, and I get barraged with Love right away. Home feels like Making great memories with my family Every day.


Grade 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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