The meaning of home

When I think about Home, what comes to mind is peace and happiness. That is the most peaceful place that I have ever been. For me home is everything and I can do whatever I want. My family is another attraction at my home and that gives me more pleasure. Home is a wonderful place, where I can express my happiness and joy. Whenever I think about Home a smile will come on my face. I have a lot of good memories at home with my family and friends. At the same time, home is not a place, it is a feeling. Home is what makes a person themselves. If home were a sight it would be a beautiful painting. If home were a sound it would be the laughter and chatting at the sofa. If home were a taste it would be the pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast. If home was a touch it would be the cozy and fluffy jacket on a cold morning. If home was a smell it will be cinnamon in desserts. When I am home I have a lot of time for thinking and imagining lots of dragons and over exaggerating stuff. When I get issues, home is the place where I can calm down and try to talk it out. This is what home means to me.


Grade 5

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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