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Meaning of Home

A house is just a home but empty but it can not compare to a home with your actual family. A house is just a place with furniture, and no family, nothing to make you feel at home. A house is a kitchen and a bathroom , bedroom but one thing that it doesn't have is your family. A house doesn't just come with family and a house and a home don't have many similarities. The meaning of home is to tell / show what home is for you and what the differences of the two things are, which is home “This is my meaning of home writing Home to me is having the support of my family”. “I know that home is supposed to be a comforting place to relax, like having my own room, space to be alone. Home is me having my personal space.” Home basically means feeling welcomed, and you feel like you finally belong at where you are, because you are at home . At home you need to be and feel loved and happy. Home should and will make you feel like you feel accepted and calm”. house vs home. A house on the other hand doesn't have any of that all it is ,is furniture and you. Home is when you feel like you ,belong and are appreciated. Home can mean a lot of things to different people but to me all the things that I listed are what I feel like home is to me .


Grade 5

Lethbridge, Alberta

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