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The Best Place is Home!

The Best Place is Home! Home is me and my sister laughing and playing together. Home is a comfy place where me and my family can watch movies and eat popcorn together. Home is where me and my mom can make delicious foods together for my family. Home is where I can be myself especially when my family’s around. Home is like the warm campfire where I roast marshmallows. Home is a place that will make you feel safe even on the loudest stormy night. Home is like your own quiet library where you can read peacefully and quietly. Home is a place filled with memories and more adventures to come. Home is like a giant umbrella sheltering you from the rain that pours down on to the ground. Home is like a comfy bed that wraps you in a warm blanket and tucked in by a family member. Home is a place you can dream with your imagination and mind. Home is like your own personnel lab where you can experiment with whatever you want. Home is a place where you play board games together with your family. Home may be made out of bricks but my love, memories and family is the glue that holds it all together. I'm glad I can help Habitat for Humanity. By:Ariana ?


Grade 4

Oakville, Ontario

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