Everybody deserves a Home

Some homes are not fancy, some homes are. What is important is that I have a roof over my head. Everybody deserves a home. Homes are important places for everyone; some people do not have homes. That would feel terrible. Everybody deserves a home . My family is important to me because I have an understanding Mom. Dad always plays lego with me. My sister always plays stuffies with me and my nanny is good at cooking. My papa has a horse. I help my dad make dinners. Coming home from school I feel the comfort of having a place to put my bag and having the lights on and the warm heat of my house. Homes are not tents or shelters. Homes are places on cold winter days where you can snuggle up and sit by the fire. Homes are not shacks with no heat and homes are not benches. Not everybody can cook their food but because of Habitat for Humanity, it makes that possible . A home is a place like no other because homes have feelings like no other. Home is a place where people can laugh and have fun and people can be themselves. I'm going to tell you not only why home is where I want to be, but I also feel that everyone needs a home . Some people have to leave their homes because they can't pay their bills. My favorite memories are in the homes I have lived in. A home is a heart and the people in it give me love because they are comforting and kind to me even in the hardest situations. Home is a comforting place to be on stormy days. Home is the place where you feel happy. The magic thing about home is it feels good to leave it and it feels even better to come back. A house is made of walls and a home is made of love and dreams.


Grade 4

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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