Everyone should feel safe

Everyone should feel safe By Alexis Barrett A home is made with love, memories and family not anger, hate and fear. People live in tents and they should not live in tents, they should live in a safe home. They don't think they have a lot they do as long as they have everything they need they're lucky, but some people aren't lucky, that is why habitats for humanity is doing this. Everyone deserves to have a safe home where they all should feel safe . Have you ever walked home and as soon as you walk in and you smell a delicious supper cooking soup with summer savory chicken broth, well some people don't have that they don’t have enough money to afford that or to even stay safe. That is something nobody should feel, so before you eat supper or lunch or even breakfast remember that some people don't have that. Some people have nothing you can imagine…. no you probably can't. Have you ever not felt safe maybe it was during Fiona 2022 or when another big storm hit but at least you had or have a roof over your head. Some people don’t have that, they have a tent and when it rains it leaks through and some people live in a car and when its super sunny the sun will go through the car and it will be super hot and only in P.E.I 147 people are homeless for P.E.I and over 235,000 in Canada. Just imagine if you could find out how many people in the world are homeless. It is 150 million people so you are very lucky compared to some people out there. You have a great home whether you have a family or not and just remember a home doesn't have to be fancy but the thing that you need is a roof over your head and for it to be somewhere you feel safe. It has to be enough for you. Everyone deserves to have a haven.


Grade 4

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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