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What I Love Is Home

→♥←WHAT I LOVE IS HOME→♥← A house can be made of sticks, mud, glass, plastic and other things. A house can have a things you want But a home is where you feel safe and home can be where you have your heart, family, love and friends and all that you love and adore♥. My house is warm. My house is cozy. My house is where I eat. My house is where I sleep. My home is where I feel safe. My home is full of love. My house is full of love, laughter and good memories. I have so many things to be thankful for. Home is where I have my connection with my family and it will never end, There’s no place like home. Once I was with my family in the dinner table eating dumplings with my parents and siblings our house felt like a home but then suddenly there was a knock in our door I ran and opened the door to see my grandma and grandpa we all ate dinner together and I felt like our house turned into home once again. I hope you like my poem.


Grade 5

North York, Ontario

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