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No Place Like Home

A home is where memories are made, memories like taking my first steps, saying my first words and making a giant mess of the cake batter. My home might not be a mansion but the difference between a house and a home is, a home is where we make memories, and spend precious time with our family, knowing these very special moments wont come back. My home has nice and comfy couches where I sleep mid way through on movie nights. My soft warm carpet is where I play with my dog, where I take pictures of my cute dog. My strong dining table is where I enjoy flavorful, spicy Indian food, it’s where I remember all the milk and pop drinks I spilled and had to clean. My basement is where I play ping pong with my twin sister, and will always remember my sister saying that I hit too hard and all the games I won and lost. My study table is where I learnt many things with my sister. It’s where I got most of my head aches. My library at my house is where I dive into the world of books and learn new things. My PS4 is my favorite. I spend 1 hour playing my favorite games, Need for Speed Rivals, Apex and sometimes Fortnite with my friends. My T.V is where I watch countless movies or documentaries, I also have many movie nights. My T.V is my second favorite because it is a good T.V and it’s 80 inch so it’s a big T.V. My home may not be big or fancy but I have everything in the world. I have a loving family, a cute dog and 2 siblings. That's my perspective of a home.


Grade 6

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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