Home to Me

Home to me is wherever I am around cars. I have been around cars my whole life so I know a lot about them. The first time I worked on a car I was 3 years old. I helped my dad change a tire. When I was 7 years old, I changed my first tire on a car by myself. I know a lot about engines, especially V8s and v6s. I first learned about engines when I was about three, but when I was 6 years old I really started to take an interest. I was putting engines in cars so it was easy for me to know about them. That was my dad's job; when he was working on cars for people I would help him. We used to have a garage up in Grafton but I don't think you guys know what Grafton is because you're not from Caledonia, but it's always nice to give you the location anyways. Back to the story of my home; I would usually help my dad with the cars that he would bring into the garage. That's how you pay the bills. We weren’t rich but we were not poor. We were travelling a lot due to needing to get parts so we would eat at McDonald's a lot. I would spend a lot of money on McDonald’s. Big Macs use the money up fast usually, so we didn't really have time for toys and stuff that you don't need. I would usually just use the money that Dad gave me for food. That pretty much wraps up my story of home. My home is working around cars because cars have evolved all around my life. That's all for now. Have a good night.


Grade 6

Caledonia, Nova Scotia

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