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The Meaning of Home

Home is like a bracelet every string is every bond you made with your siblings and it’s nice and tight because sometimes it isn’t just with your siblings it’s sometimes with your parents or friends. Hersheys kiss chocolate is like a home the wrapper is the roof and the chocolate is the home and it’s tasty because sometimes when you enter some people’s houses is smells like fresh food and stuff. I feel bad for the people who don’t have homes or food and luxury’s like video games, iPads, Television, internet, phones, they don’t even have stuff to keep them warm, I wish that they can hopefully find somewhere to live and be happy with they family and I don’t want them to be sad on the streets all cold and not spending time with their family. Home is like hot chocolate because the marshmallows are the family members and it’s sweet because if you come from a cold day outside your mom or dad will make you hot chocolate and you smell it when you come and it smells sweet. Pasta is like a home because the plate is like home the pasta is the family members and the sauce is the roof and sometimes the plate breaks like when the house breaks when a natural disaster happens which happens almost everywhere. I feel bad for people who don’t have a home like pasta, I wish they had a home to spend time with their family, like a bracelet to bond with their family and friends, if I saw someone on the street I would help them out because I’m nice and kind even if I’m in a hurry.


Grade 4

Pincourt, Quebec

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