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The Meaning of Home

Home is a blessing. Home is a place of joy. Home is a place you need to thank God for what he gave you. I am saying to be happy with what you have, because some kids don’t have food, a house, or bed covers like we do. Also imagine if you put yourself in their shoes. I feel safe at home because I have my family, and I have shelter. Home is like fresh popcorn with extra butter. Home is ice cream with chocolate drizzle. Once you get into your home it smells like paradise. The reason I said that the house smells great it is because every time I walk into the house. I am great, full for having a home and because the food my mom makes is delicious and smells the best ever! I can’t imagine life without the best mom I ever saw and that mom is my mom. I love my house because I have a gaming room and I have a Xbox, I have a music room and I even have a YouTube room, And also I have a soccer ball to play soccer I play in the basement tho because I do not want to break stuff you know.I also love to build forts outside and inside. I also love to go rock climbing with my good friend, we go rock climbing with each other and we survive the rock climbing. I also love to do gym because we play games like yes or no, or freezing tag.Or I love to just like to watch TV , or go on Facetime with my friends. Or go to the movie cinema with my family.


Grade 4

Pincourt, Quebec

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