meaning of home

Home is a feeling. Not something you can touch. Home is a place of happiness, not fright. At home, you can express your feelings, not keep them in. At home, you can be yourself, not who people tell you to be. A house is a physical thing. Home is a feeling that you can take in, not push out. At home, spend time with your family and friends. The feeling of home is the smell, taste, warmth and looks of happiness. For me, the smell of home is freshly cooked pork and rice. The recipe was passed down by my dad’s mom who gave the recipe to him. The taste of home is chocolate peanut butter cake that my mom made from scratch for my birthday. The feeling of my home is warm and comforting, like a nice summer day. The look of my home is a nice happy family that is having fun and playing games.


Grade 6

Castlegar, British Columbia

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