The Meaning of Home

My home is in the town of Sambaa K’e. Sambaa K’e is on a big lake called Trout Lake. I love to swim at the beach with my friends. Sometimes my home is in Fort Liard. Here, I like to go sliding with my cousins. While I’m at home, I enjoy playing at ‘the Hall’ with my friends. In the summer, I like to go biking and playing with my puppy. Once my dad was cooking chicken and he burned the chicken. Home is being with my parents and my cute puppy dog. My home isn’t just made of wood and bricks. It is made of family, friends, love and pets. My home has many parts. The most important part of my home is my family, friends, mom, dad, cousins, aunties, and uncles. I feel most at home when I’m in Sambaa K’e playing at ‘the Hall’ or when I’m in my house or learning at school. Home is important to live in it.


Grade 5

Sambaa K'e, Northwest Territories

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