Home Home is a place where I can relax with my family, and feel safe, and not have to stress or worry about the things outside my house. And I can relax and watch a movie and have popcorn with my family. Talk about the way I feel open to talk about anything and know the people around me care about the way I feel. And there's somewhere i can go when i wanna be alone. And my siblings always find a way to make me smile and when I'm down my siblings find a way to make me feel better. I might not always like them but they will always be my siblings so I have to love them. I also get mad at my mom but I will always love her because she's my mom and brings me into the world. Sometimes we will fight but one of us always apologizes and then we go back to normal like we were before. In my house, we have 6 people and 2 dogs, and a cat, so our house is always loud. Do I get headaches a lot, with my dogs barking and my sisters fighting and my brother screaming at his friends about one video game? At the end of the day at supper we all have to eat tiger and we are not allowed to use our phones, we sit together and talk about our days, and we are not allowed to leave the table till everyone is done eating. On Sunday mornings we make a big breakfast around 11 am most of the time we will have eggs, bacon, toast, and sometimes pancakes or crepes not very often but we might have waffles because my stepdad has a waffle maker. That's what home is to me, I love my house and family Home Anna-Belle Doucett Mount Pearl, Newfoundland


Grade 6

Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador

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