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The Meaning of Home to Me

To me my home is my favorite place in the whole world for many reasons. When I think of my home all I can think of is amazing and cheerful things, Like the heat of the house when I step inside after being in the cold or the amazing feeling everyone gets after being at home and relaxing after a long day of school or work. The first thing I feel when I get back home is relief that I’m back home after a long day of school. To me home is a shelter and a roof above your head where you can feel safe and loved by friends or family, I love the feeling when I get home and my mom opens the door for me or my dad answers and I get to see them after a long day. Or After a long day when I get into my bed I feel as warm as a piece of bread in a toaster or when I relax on my couch and I feel as calm as a carrot. I adore my home because I feel loved and safe and I can always count on my home to make me feel amazing and happy to be me. I think everyone deserves a safe and loving home to sleep and stay warm and have a roof over their head. I think the things that Habitat for humanity is doing for people that are not as fortunate and do not have access to a safe and loving household. It’s amazing and it is such an amazing idea of a charity and I am very happy to be providing 10 more dollars to such an amazing charity.


Grade 6

Pincourt, Quebec

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