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My Meaning of Home

What is the pain of not having a home? Well I don’t know you really can’t unless you have experienced it, because a house is something we need but there is only one thing better than a house that everyone needs a home where I see my family arms open wide to hug me, a home where I smell the joy filling the air that is something we all deserve, a home where I feel warm blankets over me on a movie night, a home where I taste hot tea burning my lips, a home where I hear laughter, a home where the love is so strong that you can see in my family, a home where I smell it in the crisp white snow, taste it in the dinners made by mom, hear it in the whistles of the birds as my dad whistles along, and I feel it in the warm hugs made as a family. Why isn’t there enough appreciation in our world you ask well that is a unanswered question like I said we don't really know how this pain of not having a house but a home is different because sometimes we have a home but not a house or a house but not a home could be anywhere you feel safe, special and happy you shouldn’t feel scared, hurt and sad because home isn’t a place it’s a feeling of joy, the feeling of happiness, the feeling of hope and you should feel safe another thing that home is family I feel I am at home when I am at my house I feel like I am at home when I am happy other people feel different on this feeling of home because you can feel at home anywhere you go.


Grade 6

Breslau, Ontario

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