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What Home Means to Me

What does home mean to you? I think home is where I feel the safest, whenever I go to someone else's house it doesn't feel the same. It feels like it's a house that's it, but when I'm in my home I feel different. I feel like I’m where I need to be at home. Whenever I think of carvings I think of my home. I have carvings in my play house of all of my friends and even some friends in the past. It tells me that even though they might not be my friends right now I know that I have had lots of friends in the past. The thing that makes me feel safe is my dog, Maverick. He is amazing. Everytime something comes in the yard even if it is someone we know he goes and checks it out to make sure everything is okay. We also have a gate starting to get built so that also makes me feel safe. My home feels safe to me when I'm alone and when I'm even with my parents I'm so very happy. My home makes me feel safe and happy. I hope you feel as safe and comfortable as I am in my home.


Grade 5

Didsbury, Alberta

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