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Meaning of Home to Me

Home is a place where I can belong. Home where I see pets and aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents, brother, and sister. The reason I love my home is that my family is happy and my pets are happy. My parents are always happy, same with my grandparents. The reason is I have a big backyard hockey net zip line. I Am very lucky to have the pet I have. My Neighborhood is very quiet because I don’t live close to many houses. I live close to frames. We have 4 farms around my home. That's a lot of home. Most people, my friends, only have houses around there and it's pretty busy. My basement is quiet most of the time other times it we are playing downstairs because I have too many hockey nets and we have many hockey games downstairs in my basement. We are normally playing music so it's not very quiet but it's still a quiet place to hang out when I'm trying to practice hockey. My room my room is pretty quiet because I am normally and they're reading sleeping all those things the other thing that isn't quiet is because that my brothers in there and we have a bunk bed so he's over yelling My home is safe because we have a lock. If there wasn't such a thing as locks I don't know what I would do but we have lots of locks so I'm good . Doors let's go about toys nothing really that the only thing is if we didn't have a door you wouldn't have be able to have a lock so that's pretty good isn't it? I'm pretty cool with that so I'm good . It is cool about a roof either the only thing is it protects you from the snow and rain.


Grade 5

Warminster, Ontario

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