What a Home Means to Me

A home is love, Laughter, Joy. A home means family. A home is with people and pets there can be 5, 3 or even 2. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a dad, mom, or kids. It means having someone in a house. My home means that I Am loved no matter how bad I messed up or how perfect I am. It means that you aren't the only one in a house alone. A family is like a house. It just keeps on growing and they are building their relationship with one another just like habitat for humanity they have good relationships with the people that help. I have a big family and everyone has a big amount of love! My family has one or 2 special things about them. My Mom is Beautiful, my sister is brave, My little sister is a chubby ball of cuteness, my dad he is hardworking and handsome of course, I am an Independent lass.


Grade 5

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

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