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Finding Home

There was once a little boy named Owen. His house burned down in a fire. He and his family had to live in a hotel until they could find a new one that they could afford. It’s been weeks since the house burned down and they have had a very hard time finding a new one. Owen's little sister, Chloe, was born a few days after the fire, because of the price for the birth, they don’t have a lot of money. They have been looking at different housing companies but all of them have been too expensive. They kept looking, but they were running out of money very quickly. Owen's dad was working most of every day, so Owen barely saw him. The sad thing is, his dad doesn't make much money. Owen stepped in, he told his mom that he would try doing odd jobs to make more money while she took care of Chloe. His mom was unsure, but accepted. Owen went around the neighborhood looking for people who needed help. He found a man who had lots to do. If Owen did all of the things the man needed help with, he would get twenty-five dollars. Owen was surprised about the amount of money, but he would do anything to help his family. He had five things to do, mow the lawn, wash the dishes, pick weeds, water the garden and pick up his daughter. Owen decided to wash the dishes first, then he went to do the outside work. After that, Owen went to pick up the man’s daughter. Before he left, the man gave him a picture of her, so he knew who to look for, then Owen left to pick her up. While he did that, the man was making her dinner. When Owen got to the school she went to, he looked for her. When he found her, he realized he knew her already. It was his friend, Emily! She asked why he was there, and he explained everything. They walked to her house, talking along the way. They talked about how they were doing. Owen explained the fire and what was going on. Emily told him that nothing super important had happened. When they got back, Owen got the money he was promised and went home. In the morning, his mom told him she found out about a housing company that had a house that they could afford and was suitable. His family got the house, when they finished furnishing the house, Owen realized what home meant. It meant a safe, peaceful place to live. It meant a place to forgive and that no home was perfect. It was home.


Grade 4

Edmonton, Alberta

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