What does home mean to me?

Home is family! Home is love! Home is a strong wall! Home makes us grow up! Home teaching us to talk! Home makes us feel happy! Home is warm! Home is our life! Home is friendly! Home means a lot to me in the World because home is a place for us live, learn and play. Home is something us love in the world and teach us a lot about the world with talk, things. Home have a lot thing special you can find at your home, like you can find some loves your family gives it to you, with some warm! Home is makes us happy if you have something sad like you got lost something like that and then your home with your family will make you happy! Home with your family sometimes or everytime will make you have a special feeling good, with some strong feelings! Home is a safe area because when you got hurt your family will help you and your family will make a magic so you not hurt anymore! Home is warm because sometimes a storm is scare with cold but your home will make a good area for you. You will not scare that storm anymore. Home is a strong wall for you grow up in. It Makes you warm in a blizzard. And makes a special life for you to play, have fun and learn. Your home will do some love for you happy! Home is a first friend in day you born in the world, made you very happy and warm! Home is a place when you first talk (like say a first word!) in the world will make your family happy! Home is the place where you take the first walk. Home means a lot to me!


Grade 5

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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