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My Meaning of the Place called HOME

H ome is a place where I can feel happy with my family and friends. When I’m happy I can do anything without feeling shy or embarrassed and I want to do it. O ut on the land with my family at our cabins enjoying our time with our family while we can. We go to places like Kitigak River, Starvation Cove and all along the beach to our cabins. During the 24-hour daylight in the summer we try to get as much time as we can out on the land. We have a cabin at Mount Pelly, Gravel Pit and the Creek on the west side further than Gravel Pit. M y hometown Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. It is a beautiful place with a view at the dock down by the bay with a sunset or a view of northern lights and starry nights, in town with many Inuit living their own lives. E very day of our life counts as a day whether it’s a good day or a bad day. Just trying to have as much fun as we can especially here in Nunavut. Some days it can be freezing cold or hot. This is my meaning and place of my beautiful HOME.


Grade 6


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