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Jerold the Homeless

Jerold had no home. He was always walking around to find one. One time he was in Banff, Alberta and he walked all the way to Calgary. Jerold went from street to street, store to store, building to building, to beg for money but made no money. Nobody gave him anything. So, he still had no home. He was so sad that he would cry himself to sleep every night. He was so lonely. Without a home, he stayed at a homeless shelter. He did not like it there because the beds were not comfy, the bathrooms were dirty, the food was gross, and the people were not hospitable. He felt depressed. He was an outcast. So, he left. After days and days of begging people for money, someone gave him money and food. That man’s name was Noah. Noah was rich, he liked to help people. He always gave people money. But when Jerold met Noah, they became friends. Noah noticed that Jerold was a very nice man because even though Jerold had no money, he always fed stray cats. No matter what people did to him, he still helped those dirty cats. Jerold was very happy when Noah gave him money. He started crying happy tears. A year went by, Noah and Jerold noticed how much they are alike so they became best friends. They are now living beside each other and Noah helped Jerold find a job. Noah had twins and Jerold got a fiancé who was introduced to him by Noah. Jerold finally had a home, and he realized that a home is not only a house but it is where people accept who you are.


Grade 5


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