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A Marvelous Home

When I think of home, all I can think about is the safety, the greatness and the uniqueness of my home.The greatness of my home is the way I can be treated. I will feel appreciated and not made fun of. An extraordinary thing about home is however terrified I get, there will always be a huge amount of safety, as I take a step knowing that I will always be safe. A unique thing about all homes is that there will be something special hidden in each one. Everyone has a favorite superhero. One of mine is my home. Usually all superheroes have powers, but my home doesn't have powers but it is a lifesaver. Every superhero has a cool name like Spiderman, Captain America, and Superman. Home probably sounds boring, but to me it stands for Hyper, Optical, Miraculous, and Exceptional. Not all superheroes need a cool name or power but to me my home is the best super hero there can be. It keeps me safe, and warm and always surrounds me with love.


Grade 4

Red Deer, Alberta

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