Home is nothing I can say. What feels like home to you? I cant say what your home is. But if I could hear what it was, I would probably hear bad mornings, a variety of cat meows, trembling dog barks, maybe the sound of a soft bird singing her song. But there is so much more. If I were to see what it was, home would be chaos, peace, honesty and families gathered around for dinner of ham, chicken or some other food, together at a dining table (something a lot of people overlook and think nothing of it). But a lot of families don't get to have some of this. You might think you're just normal for having a home like everyone else, but a lot of families don't, so you're lucky to have a place to call home. But a home can be a town, a state, or a country; those are all homes. What I'm trying to get at is that homes are a big part of people's lives.


Grade 6

Kelowna, British Columbia

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