Meaning of Home

Hi! I am Gavin and what does home mean to me? Well, I think it means safety and protection. When there is a thunderstorm or any kind of bad weather your home protects you. If there are strangers outside your house protects yourself and your family. You spend 40 percent of your life in your house. You sleep in it, you eat, and you do a lot of things in your house. Home also means fun. You do a lot of fun things like play Monopoly and other board games. You can also play nerf and video games in your house. Your house also has lots of toys or other fun stuff so when it is raining you can play inside. Your home also means love because it is comfortable, and your parents are there. Home means living because there are people living in every home. Your pet, your parents, your brother or sister and you live in a house. You feel happy because you have electricity and heating in your house. I should feel lucky because I get everything a normal person needs. I get food, water and other stuff a person needs to survive. I have a comfortable bed and a couch. I also have chairs to sit on. This is what home means to me. I am lucky that I have a home.


Grade 5

Surrey, British Columbia

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