Meaning of Home

A house is empty, and lonely. A house may have things in it but it doesn't have a loving family, or cute pets to cuddle. A house is a just a building, a structure, a thing. A home is a family, a connection. A home can be ANYWHERE, it can have anything in the family such as humans or animals. People can be in a home, a family, pets. A home is where a family can live. For example I live in a home of 11, including all the pets. My family is me, my sister, my mom and dad, my dog, my guinea pig and my 4 fish. I have a very energetic home. A house has lots of stuff in it. It is empty in the way of there is no people, but there is lots of stuff in a house like beds, rooms, a couch, toys, colouring supplies and books. A house does not have a family inside or people, there is no living things inside a house.


Grade 4

dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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