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memories at home: I went home my mom said do you feel welcome in this house? yes I do i I feel joyful, welcomed, appreciated in this house. Good you should always feel welcomeI. I have a lot of memories in this house with family. Like when I coloured the walls and dad made it a decoration oh yeah. or when you bought a hoverboard and I played with it in the house. THIS HOUSE IS THE BEST. Its cozy,cool,big and secure.I love our big tv and one day you bought a video console and we played super mario 3 for 3 hours. Our home is the best should we make more memories yeah one day one day.I EAT THE BEST DINNER in the whole universe. I love seeing family my family and friends.That one time sis brought some Tim hortons and they only gave us 3 donuts and 5 timbits she was so mad. Or when dad yelled goallllllllllllll! because Mbappé shooted. when we went to La ronde: la ronde is a amusement park. or when we went to wasaga beach and we swam and ate good food .When we went to chioko and we cant forget maple syrop is just the best thing ever our home, our country is the best.


Grade 4

Montreal, Quebec

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