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Home to Me

Home to me is a structure and a place where my family and I are safe. It keeps me warm from the cold when it is winter. A home is not just a house it is somewhere where you can be you and you can do things that are like. How you may ask? Well there is no one that can hurt when I’m at home or see what is private to me. Outside during the summer is where we put our pool so we can keep cool in the summer. I love the pool when my family and I are in it together. When we're in the pool, that's the time to relax. Then we forget about bad things in the past. Some nights I start a campfire because I go camping right outside my house.I would like it if my family would do it with me but they don’t. So I would bring my favorite blanket and pillow so it would feel like home. Watching movies is fun,but watching movies with the family is better. So get cozy,snuggle up with your family,get snacks and get ready to see laughs, joy and love all around your house from watching a movie.


Grade 5

Shawville, Quebec

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