A place to feel Happy Open More Love Enjoyable Home. You can breathe without any worry and enjoy every special moment. Watching t.v, eating popcorn and relaxing on the couch makes me feel relaxed. Home. It is the place where I can enjoy making a beautiful doll house with my younger sister that makes me feel happy, making her favorite bracelet kit makes her feel that I'm her best friend . Home. When Mom cooks whatever you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food smells so delicious, even the taste is very delicious. Eating with the whole family at the dining table is the most fun part, talking to them, telling them what we did in school and saying funny things . Home. When Dad teaches you everything that you don't understand. He teaches me games like chess, monopoly and Ludo. Sometimes he scolds me and tells me the correct things. Even though he gets upset sometimes but I know that he loves me. Home. At night before going to bed me and my sister go to our closets and she chooses my clothes for me that I really love and I choose her favorite clothes . I really really love my sweet home and family and I'm very thankful to god that I'm so lucky that I have a house to live in and enjoy with my family.


Grade 6

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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