What home means to me. Home means a place that I know I am safe in and I'm comfortable. Home means a place that I'm loved and surrounded by people I love. Nobody will bring me down. Home means to me healthy meals and a roof above my head. Home means my comfortable bed and warm blankets. Home means showers and baths to clean me and an awesome hot tub and hockey net and baseball net to play with. Home means clean water and all kinds of drinks. Home means to me tvs to watch and hang out with my family. Home means to me clean dishes and plates and cups to drink and eat off. Home means to me a room to sleep in and play in. Home means devices to play on and use. Home means clothes and stuff to wear. When I think about home I think of a safe neighborhood. I live close to my school in Westmount. I'm happy to have such a good family that makes good and healthy food for me and buys me clothes. Everybody deserves to have a good home and family.


Grade 6

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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