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Why My Home Shines

My home’s appearance is made up of many memories. Home is the top star on the Christmas tree that makes the whole tree shine on Christmas night. When any of us gets sad the rest of us are also sad as well because we are like a connected wire but we try to make each other happy and it always works. When my home celebrates Valentine's day we look upon cupid who shoots love all around. We spread hearts and love everywhere by donating to the homeless so that they can get a home for themselves because facing the wrath of the harsh cold winds on christmas night is near impossible. We act like Jam on bread on Valentine's day because we spread our love all around just like spreading Jam on bread. Also home to me is like twisted vines rapping all round. Each one of the bricks in my home has a story on how it was made. Since life is a marathon and when winter approaches it slows everyone down but not me because my home is like a powerhouse it burns the negative harsh cold winds and snow away. Home to me is respected no matter what even if one of us has a prickle in our vine. That’s why Home to Me is Special to me.


Grade 6

Waterloo, Ontario

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