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What Home Means To Me

My home feels comfortable, loving and welcoming. In my home I have a few siblings that keep me calm most of the time. In my house I have a mom. When I’m with my mom I feel very happy and safe. In my home when I sit on my nice and comfortable couch and watch a fun and entertaining movie with my older and younger siblings or my whole family, when they are not busy. I have a nice bedroom with the most comfortable bed. When I sleep on it it feels like I'm on clouds. It is the one thing that keeps me most comforted. Love in my home doesn’t mean presents and things, love in my home means being greeted by my dog when I walk through the door when I get home. Love also means when people show me love by listening to me talk and make me feel safe and comforted around them.


Grade 4

Red Deer, Alberta

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