Meaning of "Home"

Home. It’s such a powerful word. Many think that it is just where you and your family live and have a great life. They are not wrong but there is much, much more to that. I can’t say that it will be the same for every family, but home is practically the same. Although it will depend on your perspective, the meaning of “home” is to be remembered. Mostly, everyone has “had” a home or is living a beautiful life in one right now. When you buy your first home, it will feel like you have accomplished a goal in your mind. If you didn’t, then you will always at least have a place to stay. Your parents’. See, home is a very big word. When you were born, the first place that you took your first steps were your parents’ home. Home! Your fist word was in your home. Home is always going to be a loving place. Home is a place you can always go even if you have your own or when you move. When you have your own home, it becomes an even more special place. It will be where you future kids will live. It will be YOUR very first home. Home is love and that love will never be washed away. Home is a cozy, safe, happy, cheerful place that provides a roof over your head. Home is not a house- home is a place of unconditional love. In your loving home, family lives there. Your family. And they are always trying their best to only provide the best. If you have siblings, then they work even harder to keep the roof above your head. “It takes work, hands and concrete to build a house but it takes love to build a home.” That, is what I call a home.


Grade 6

Surrey, British Columbia

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