Home to me

Here is the meaning of what a home truly is. A home is a love that flies around and a warm cozy blanket to cuddle into. And the smell of sweet homemade cake and the playful time you have. A home is a place where you feel loved. And the warm hugs you get when you are sad, just like the amazing smell of my nan's homemade chocolate chip and M and M cookies. And the laughter around you. And the excitement of my dogs jumping and playing around. But I know it is safe for me to sleep. And my nice soft blanket to sleep with. And when I'm sad, the smell of some warm hot chocolate for me to drink. And the nice clean water for me to drink. Just like the clean air for me to breathe in. And the beautiful face I see every time when I walk inside. Just like all the happiness around me all the time. And your amazing family to help you on the way. And the amazing things they can show you on the way. Just like the fun things they give and the fun things that they let you do too. Because everyone can easily find a way to be as happy as possible because no matter what you can always have fun, and the milk and treats they let me eat and drink. And the amazing friends that they let you play with all the time. And the amazing memories you share together all the time for the rest of your life. But most of all everybody in the world deserves A home.


Grade 4

Portugal Cove St Philips, Newfoundland and Labrador

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