What home means to me

Have you ever thought about how lucky you are to have a home? Do you know that there are so many people living on the streets? I love to jump on my couch and enjoy a nice cup of coca cola , sometimes I turn on my nice warm lamps and watch a movie. The best thing about the couch is its big puffy pillows and the enormous blanket. It just feels so good When I put on the blanket and play Roblox. I sometimes turn on the fireplace and just chill. Security, when hurricane Fiona striked, rain crashed down on my roof and it was so loud I couldn't sleep, but then I thought about the people living on the streets. They don't have a roof and a nice warm bed like us. The roof made me feel safe. Then I fell asleep. Have you ever been to someone else's home before? If you have you must've noticed that their home smells different. It's because to you your home is the best and you are more used to your home. You must have a favorite place in your home, my favorite place is the living room. I like it because there is a small candle that smells so good that almost every day I read and play games in the living room. To me and you home is like the best thing ever for us.


Grade 4

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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