My favorite place to be

Home my Home. My home is a different home from anyone else. My home describes love , loyalty and kindness. Home is where I can express my feelings and I can be the “real me”. Home is where I can trust my parents blindly. The happy giggles of my parents warms my heart into a deep safe zone. The warm sun gazing through my room window, wow it’s My home. Staring at the mirror and I see me, A confident and strong human being. When I come home from a long tiring day and when I enter, I feel relieved and calm because for me my home is a place of peace and nirvana. Eating the nourishing food that I have and I am thankful for it. The time where everyone gathers around for Christmas carols makes me feel loved and festive. The smiles on my cousin's face when I hug them, makes me feel felicitous. Watering the dry, tired plants and leisurely becomes healthy. I watch the plants from a seed to a wonderful plant that has become just like life. When I go to my friendly neighborhood’s park and when I slide down the chilly, frosty hill I raise my head up and think of such a companionable life I have. The warm cozy blanket covers up my freezing body now I feel relaxed. I look out of the window and contemplate the joyful birds happily flying. When I go biking, the cool wind gusts at me and I feel happy. I gape at the tipped pointy tree. It is so green and fresh. The tree where we get oxygen and air. I thank mother nature for this. The cool lemonade on the hot days, going through my throat is refreshing. This appealing home that I have and deserve is Quintessential. Home sweet home……


Grade 6

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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